Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Train Center & Welcome Center
The main depot for information and freebies regarding Steelhead!

Town Hall
Kokopelli Plaza
Site of our town meetings and main gathering place

Kokopelli Stage
Kokopelli Plaza
One can usually find us here on Friday evenings partying away!

Steelhead Gardens
Kokopelli Plaza
A lovely garden created to stroll and relax in

Steelhead Hotel & Ballroom

City Center
Join us here for parties and a good time!

Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach

Kokopelli Plaza
The Steelhead consulate of Baron Klaus von Wulfenbach of Girl Genius fame.

City Center
Gather, have a drink and conversation with neighbors

Town Jail
Kokopelli Plaza
Where Sheriff Ortega will put you if you break Steelhead's rules! You'll be on a first-name basis with the rat who calls it home.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Howdy friends! Welcome to Steelhead City, a gaslamp fantasy of a community nestled in the SL Oregon Territories . We're a little bit quirky and a whole lot friendly and hope that you enjoy your visit. Steelhead proudly hosts many events, dances, gunfight tournaments, and live events.

Steelhead City's a themed community, but RP isn't enforced, so be mindful of the occasional robots and dinosaurs roaming the streets. We welcome all walks of Second Life regardless of race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, or species. We are hysterically accurate, influenced by old American Western, Victorian, Steampunk, and Asian cultures that fit aptly into the Oregon territories circa 1854.

Although we are a mature sim, the streets are considered PG. Please conduct yourself in a mature and courteous manner while visiting as any and all illegal SL activities, griefing, and rudeness is not tolerated and will result in subsequent banning from Steelhead. Please do not leave rezzed items laying about. Pardon our dust, as many changes will be made to the city.

Gunfight Alley street is combat enabled for the tournaments and personal duels. Steelhead Gun Club hosts tournaments, for information regarding please contact out Sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega. Fizzworks and the Fizzworks HUD is located at Kokopelli Plaza.

Steelhead is a collaboration of businesses and residents. All resident houses are private and we request that you respect them accordingly. The city has many public areas, so feel free to wander the gardens, dance at the Hotel and join us for our fun Friday events at the stage starting at 7pm SLT. The last Saturday of every month hails the formal masquerade ball at the Hotel at 7pm SLT to 9pm.

While period dress is not required, some form of clothing is required and appreciated. There are many free items and clothing for your enjoyment inside the train station behind the ticket booth. Check out our many vendors that carry clothing, and other items for you to purchase.

Steelhead has several locales available for rent for private events, such as the hotel. If you have an questions regarding land, business, or location rentals or would like to be a citizen of this fine town, please IM TotalLunar Eclipse, Tensai Hilra, or Kattryn Severine for details.

Steelhead is looking to expand its borders! If you would like to get on a waiting list for Steelhead Harborside please IM TotalLunar Eclipse for any questions regarding it as it is still in the planning stages and more information will be become avaliable towards the end of the year.

Thank you and once again welcome to Steelhead!

Kattryn Severine, Owner of Steelhead
TotalLunar Eclipse, Manager
Tensai Hilra, Manager
Fuzzball Ortega, Steelhead Sheriff & DJ


Steelhead has many fine shopping establishments. Click on the link for a slurl to their location!


Silver Rose (men's & women's clothing)
Prim & Proper (women's hair, clothing, accessories)
Luminous Designs (women's clothing, accessories, costume, furniture)

Tensai Design--Across from Station (imports from all over the world/time, capes, stuff, dead guys)

Le Bicyclette (steampunk gadgets, horses, clothing)
Avalanche, Lightfoot, & Sputnik (Dr. Who, clothing, accessories, avatars)
Melissa's Used Goods (25L clothing)
Doc Wrangler's (men's clothing, hats, western wear)

Fizzworks (guns and weaponry)
E. Laval Fine Clothing (not guns, men's & women's clothing, accessories)

Rosehaven Recipes (cakes and assorted baked goods)
Pearse'd & Cut (men's clothing)
Old Glory Sutlery (American Civil War uniforms, costumes, paintings)
Affordable Excellence (men's & women's clothing, furniture)

AzA Zymurgy (he sells skins on his lot)