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Steelhead Boomtown is now booking! South of the present Steelhead City, this exciting new sim will be at a higher elevation than the other sims with mines running underneath and a dam upon the river. Reservations are now being accepted. Contact TotalLunar Eclipse for more information.

(photo by Krystine Qinan)Steelhead's new library was named by Eugenia Burton, who won a trophy designed by Lumina and $1000L. A plaque or a copy of the trophy will be placed at the library with the winning essay. Here is Eugenia's winning essay:

"I am of the opinion that doesn't need to be a lot of frills for the names of such things as libraries. It will be as substantial a building, as respected a repository, and as honorable an institution with a simple name as it would be with a more fanciful one. I am too new to Steelhead to know of anyone in its history that would be deserving of the honor of having a library named after him or her. So, as I see it, the name 'The Steelhead Public Library' is immensely suitable. It is a good name. It is a sturdy name. It is a respectable name. It's a good civic name that includes the name of our fair city! We are rightfully proud of our beautiful homeland and putting the name of the town upon the name of the library is an honor to the library as well as to the community. If we feel pride in our city, we will feel equal pride in our library - and well we should. The new library building is a beautiful structure crafted by our very own TotalLunar Eclipse. It is not affiliated with any other libraries - it is *our* library and *our's* alone! It is staffed by citizens of Steelhead. It is maintained by citizens of Steelhead. It will be as much a part of Steelhead as the hotel or the town hall. It will be as if it belongs to each of us, with a good, civic name like 'The Steelhead Public Library' and that is my vote for its official name."

by CeAire DeCosta
(photo by Krystine Qinan)

...I started thinking about how we could give something back to our new community. I started thinking about a library since Hawc and I have attended several events at the Caledon libraries and have always enjoyed ourselves immensely each time. I believed we could do the same here and he was in full agreement.

Neither of us are librarians, nor do we play ones on TV! I contacted Sir JJ Drinkwater of the Caledon Libraries and asked for his future assistance. He replied that he could not undertake another library venture at the time, but would provide me with the necessary tools to get started and copies of the Caledon Library collections. I gulped and said okay, but wasn’t sure I’d know what to do with the stuff once I got it! The sun, moon and stars had to be in perfect alignment when I suddenly got an IM from Sir JJ one evening telling me that he thought he had found a librarian to undertake the task of managing Hawc’s and my fledgling dream. We were at one of our Friday night dances while he’s telling me about one Miss Riven Homewood with whom he would arrange for us to meet very soon. Surprisingly (or fate!) I found myself studying the bobbing nametags over the dancing avatars and suddenly standing out was Riven’s name! She was a new citizen of Steelhead/Harborside! After badgering poor Lunar half-to-death on what we thought the library build should be, he pretty much ignored us and then presented us with something far beyond and nicer than we ever could have expected or imagined! You are standing in and looking at a virtual work of art from a dedicated person who can take a single plain box prim (my specialty) and work magic with it. I defy anyone to tell me that it is not “real” because it is not real brick and wood. It is real because it was made with a heart.

So here we are at a new beginning. This dedication actually has four parts. First and foremost this library is dedicated to the citizens of Steelhead, Harborside, Boomtown, and any expansions that the future holds. We have the start of something special here. We are building a virtual community of people from all over the world, that regardless of our national origins and differences we are finding commonalities in a very unlikely place called Second Life. When Hawc and I first joined we came because we could see the educational possibilities to teach in SL, but little dreamed that we would also be finding and becoming parts of a vast social global network where we are finding that folks in other parts of the world are not that much different than we are, with the same hopes, dreams, and fears we all share.

Here, we can set the fears aside and we can have hope and dream dreams.

This is your library. It will become what you want it to be. Without books, the world would be very poor indeed. I also urge you to support your RL libraries in your communities. Many are being forced to curtail their services because of budget problems and sometimes they even have to shut their doors. May the doors on this library never be shuttered.

Shot by Mr Xenophile Neurocam

Weather testing in Steelhead has begun under observation only. If it rains in your home, do not be alarmed these are preliminary tests to ensure the system's accuracy.

Steelhead residents have chosen and have selected a naval flag! Congratulations to Tanarian Davies for creating the winning design.

Sheriff Ortega's future Boomtown build

Let us give a hearty "Hoooo!" welcome to the newest residents of Steelhead, who have purchased parcels in Boomtown: Alberick Rotaru, Naergilien Wunderlich and Saj Zenovka

Congrats to all of our residents who celebrated/will be celebrating their RezDays in March!

As always, dances are from 7-9 pm SLT. See you there!

3/7 Pirate night at the bay on the Jolly Pidgeon
3/14: Steelhead Library Dedication

3/ 16: Library Open House Schedule of Events
11am - 12pm -- Open House at the Library
12 - 1pm -- Walking Tour of Steelhead

1 - 2pm -- Open House at the Library
2 - 4pm -- Open-Air Tea Party Steelhead Gardens
6pm -- Storytelling by Gilbert Sapwood, City Hall Meeting Room

This is a Wold Storytelling Day event and the first WSD event ever held in SL.

3/22: Backinmytyme Live Performance
Backinmytyme (Raymond and Mary-Lee Frog) will perform a LIVE one-hour show of 19th c. songs and stories at the Steelhead Ballroom starting at 7 pm SLT.
3/23: Steelhead Barn Dance, Kokopelli Stage
Come on over for a Western-style hoedown...or is it a hootenanny?

3/28: TOGA! TOGA!, Steelhead Ballroom
Get out your togas because we're going to party--Roman-style!

Please feel free to send any future (full-perm) photo submissions to Eladrienne Laval. You can also post them the Steelhead in SL Flikr group!

Residents attend a recent town meeting

Fuzzball Ortega: Ok, if everyone will take a seat.....and if Darien will stop gettin' jiggy over there, we can start the meeting.

Eugenia Burton: I don't have any garden implement costumes...

Annechen Lowey: I only have one country song on my library, and it involves zombies.

Lumina Elvehjem: Tensai is excellent target practice if you have a death wish
Eugenia Burton gave you Harborside Homicide!

Riven Homewood: First gypsies, then djinns---now a stud farm?!?

Forelle Broek (regarding the Mark Twain swearing contest): And a goldarned good contest it'll be, or I'm a cockchafin' sunofa swine
Kara Timtam: Cruelty to roosters. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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